Utility Patent or Non-provisional Patent Application Filed with USPTO


Receive the following with our service:

  • Professionally crafted patent description
  • Expertly prepared patent drawings
  • Patent-pending status for your invention

Kindly be aware that in addition to professional fees, there will be a USPTO/Government fee. The fee structure is as follows: $364 for a micro-entity, $664 for a small entity, and $1820 for a large entity.


Unleash the full potential of your invention with our Comprehensive Patent Package, featuring a Professionally Drafted Patent Description, meticulously crafted Professionally Prepared Patent Drawings, and the coveted Patent-Pending Status. Elevate your innovation to new heights and secure your intellectual property with the following key components:

  1. Professionally Drafted Patent Description: Our team of seasoned patent professionals will painstakingly create a detailed and legally sound patent description for your invention. This comprehensive document outlines the unique features, functions, and applications of your innovation. Through precise language and adherence to patent office standards, our professionally drafted patent description not only secures your intellectual property rights but also enhances the clarity and strength of your patent application.
  2. Professionally Prepared Patent Drawings: Visualize your invention with precision through our Professionally Prepared Patent Drawings. Our skilled illustrators bring your ideas to life, creating clear and detailed visuals that complement and reinforce your patent description. These drawings not only enhance the understanding of your invention but also play a crucial role in conveying its uniqueness to patent examiners. Trust our team to deliver high-quality, compliance-ready patent drawings that stand out and strengthen your patent application.
  3. Patent-Pending Status: Gain a competitive edge and legal protection early in the patent application process with our Patent-Pending Status service. We navigate the intricate application submission process to promptly secure the patent-pending status for your invention. This early protection provides you with exclusive rights and signals to competitors and investors that your innovation is legally safeguarded, bolstering your position in the market.

Invest in the Comprehensive Patent Package to not only safeguard your invention but to present it with the professionalism and precision it deserves. Our services are designed to empower innovators like you on the journey from concept to a granted patent, ensuring a robust foundation for the success of your intellectual property.

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