Get a Short Form Contract/Agreement (1-3 Pages)Made Uniquely for Your Business.


Elevate your business agreements with our Contract Drafting Services, where precision and expertise converge to create customized contracts. Our experienced legal professionals guarantee clarity, legality, and strategic value in every document, strengthening your business relationships and mitigating risks. Rely on us to adeptly navigate the complexities of contract drafting, empowering the growth of your business.


Get a Contract in the following areas:

SOFTWARE – Software Development Service Contracts – Software License Contracts

INTERNET – Website Design, Development, Hosting & Maintenance Service Contracts – Domain Name Sale Contracts – Digital Marketing / SEO Service Contracts, Social Media Influencer Marketing Contracts, Performance/Affiliate Marketing Service Contracts – T&Cs & Privacy Policy

DATA PROTECTION, PROCESSING & MANAGEMENT- GDPR & ECPA Compliance – Data Processing Agreements – EU–U.S. Privacy Shields – Cloud Computing Service Contracts

VIDEO GAME & E-SPORTS – Video Game Development, Publishing, License & Distribution Contracts – E-Sports Player Contracts & Team Participation Contracts

TELECOMMUNICATIONS – Streaming (Digital Satellite TV Live Broadcasting Agreements & Multi-Level Internet Broadcasting Contracts) – VoIP Service & Interconnection Agreements – Mobile Network Sharing Agreements – VPN Remote Access User Contracts

HEALTH TECH – HIPAA-Compliance – Medical Tech (Medical Device Manufacturing Contracts) – Medical Virtual Reality/“MedVR” – Telemedicine Service

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