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What is an LLC Operating Agreement?

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) Operating Agreement, also known as an LLC Company Agreement, is a legal document that establishes the rights and responsibilities of each LLC member and provides details such as:

How decisions are made
When meetings are held
How new members are admitted

To be an LLC member, an individual or corporation provides capital contributions in exchange for a percentage of ownership interest in the company.

Do I need an Operating Agreement for my LLC?

If you form an LLC in Delaware, Maine, Missouri, or New York, state law requires you to create an operating agreement (although you don’t need to file the document with the government). If your state does not require a written company agreement, you should keep in mind that this document is crucial to your company’s internal operations.

An operating agreement clarifies important company processes, including how profits and losses are distributed and which members have the authority to bind the company to legal agreements.

As such, multi-member LLCs can use this agreement to reduce the potential for disputes between members. Single-member LLCs can also benefit from an operating agreement, especially if the sole member relies on a manager to conduct the company’s business.

Without an LLC operating agreement, any legal action against your company will depend on the provisions established by your state’s LLC code. Creating a company agreement allows you to exercise more control over the rules that govern the management of your company.

Do you need an EIN for your Business as a non-US resident –

An EIN (Employer Identification Number.) is a unique nine-digit number that identifies your business for business-related tax purposes. that is issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for every operating business in the USA.

As a non-US Resident, what you will get through this EIN –

  • Open a business bank account in the USA,
  • Apply for business registrations and licenses and file your tax returns.
  • Reduce Tax Withholding from 30% to 0%
  • Hire Employees

If you are a US non-resident, The process might be confusing and complicated. My service is to help you get the EIN number with a Confirmation letter for your sole proprietor or LLC /CORP, from the IRS with or without an SSN (Social Security Number) or ITIN.

Also, for those who live in the USA with SSN, I can help them to get the EIN+ CP 575 Confirmation Letter within 03 days

You only need to answer a couple of simple questions that are required by the IRS.

My duty is to obtain your EIN as soon as reasonably possible. Your patience and understanding are appreciated. Feel free to ask questions before ordering.


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